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"I’ve know Jay Barwell and Prospect 285 for many years, Jay’s extensive background in hockey, his upbringing in the home of a pro athlete and himself raising two athletic sons, one who plays in the OHL, give him a unique perspective on sport.

That he’s found a way to combine his 25 years in the communications business and lifetime in and around high-level sport to help his clients just makes sense.

His work in personal branding is cutting edge and he’s making a real difference. Helping young athletes understand the need to be aware of and craft their brand is an important life lesson that can’t be learned soon enough."

Andrew Shaw - Scout, Edmonton Oilers

"Scar Hill Media and Prospect 285 have really helped me to understand branding and the value of strategic brand development.

Through my work with them I make wiser use of social media and I am more aware that the way that I conduct and carry myself away from the ice is as important as the way I play the game.

Through the content developed by Scar Hill Media and the distribution strategies we’ve developed and execute I’m better able to let people know who I am, they get to know me as a person and not just as the player. It is my play on the ice and my life away from the ice that help to make me who I am and when people can see and understand the fuller me then my brand has increased value and I really believe that has lead to and will continue to lead to exciting opportunities in my life."

Mark Bzowey - Chicoutimi Saguenéens (QMJHL)

"We’ve worked with Prospect 285 for over 4 years and have found this company to be of the highest quality and standard.

We were looking for someone who had the ability to market and communicate with teams and colleges on behalf of our son. Prospect 285 understands communication and has a long history in and around elite level sport. They provided our son with communication, brand and social media mentoring, and then guided us through the process of developing, growing and maintaining our son’s brand.

We really like the content: videos, photos, articles they created and we were delighted with the integration across social media platforms.


Of even grater value was their work with our son, teaching him to think, communicate and carry himself as a brand, helping him understand how everything he does, on and off the ice, reflects on his brand.


I highly recommend this excellent company as a communication and marketing provider and advisor. In my opinion, it is “a one stop shop” that combines a total professional product, with superb value, through personal attention and care."

Mike Smith - Pilot Cathay Pacific,
Father of Scott Smith Peterborough Petes (OHL)

"Hockey parents need authentic and knowledgeable people to help them navigate through the hockey world.


Having Brad Davis as part of our son’s hockey journey is amazing!


With his vast experience as an NHL scout for the Edmonton Oilers, he provides concrete and direct feedback along with guidance to our son. He is an honest and caring hockey advisor and life mentor.


We would encourage any family to work with Brad as early in their child’s hockey career as possible. 


Brad can truly make a positive difference in your child's hockey experience."

Brian & Rachel Romany - Parents of Brandon Romany, Victus Academy 
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