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What We Do

At Prospect 285, we help athletes and their families pursue their hard-to-earn dreams in a crowded and highly-competitive marketplace.


We are experienced and committed; partnering with our clients to achieve next-level- advancement: placement, priority selection, scholarship and sponsorship.

We know first-hand the high cost of amateur sport and it is important to us that we provide a unique and truly-valuable service. 


Our athletes are not just clients, they become family; ours is a relationship built upon a shared commitment to our client's success.

There is a profound price to be paid in the pursuit of your athletic dream and it requires a total team effort to succeed; with so much at stake in each successive year of development it can be overwhelming and confusing, a time when errors can be costly.

At Prospect 285 we use our years of expertise and experience to help you eliminate errors and maximize opportunities.

As Advisors:

We help you to “declutter the space”, to make sense of the options, to cut through the noise and to help you make effective choices. We are a sounding board, an information centre and your personal, experienced guides.


We help you become a more complete athlete. We are another set of coach’s eyes; honest evaluators, providing feedback regarding skills, performance and preparation; a source of encouragement, positive reinforcement and frankness.


We prepare our clients to consistently think, live and represent themselves as a unique brand. 


We promote our clients — their tangibles and intangibles — gaining for them valuable exposure.


We enhance our clients’ brand value, creating a larger and more far-reaching presence; helping to ensure the volume and quality of exposure required to succeed. 


We secure next-level-advancement — representing our clients with clubs, teams and schools, to recruiters, managers and coaches — working hard to ensure high-value opportunities and top-quality experiences.

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