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5: What I Do

Gaining more exposure for athletes, that has become my focus. I do that by mentoring and promoting elite athletes — their tangibles and intangibles — helping to gain for them valuable exposure and awareness. I support their dreams through creative communication and marketing; enhancing their brand value and creating a larger, more far-reaching presence. I partner with families, coaches, advisors and agents, to ensure that the athlete is getting the volume and quality of exposure that they need to succeed. This is a vital and critical aspect of the dream, one that has too often been neglected and left to chance.

Few athletes attain elite status without hard work; none maintain it without. Regardless of the sport, to excel, to succeed, behind every glory, is a profound investment of time, energy and money. Each dream is built upon a foundation of shared cost and sacrifice, athlete and family: wind sprints and bench press; blisters and bruises; practice and repetition; parties skipped, late night homework; the joy of victory and the agony of defeat; fees and privates; equipment and supplements; hotels and motels; holidays missed, cars one year older; late night driving and early morning rising.

If we compete in elite level sport, if our children compete in elite level sport, then we understand that to be successful we have to be all in. Having first lived that truth in pursuit of my own dream and then in support of my sons’ dreams and those of the players I coached, it seemed a logical extension — prudent investment management — to supplement all the years of hard work and cost by doing more. Doing as much more as possible, to ensure that the gatekeepers were fully aware of my athletes: who they were, where they could be found, documenting and communicating both their tangible and intangible qualities. Helping to shape gatekeeper perception and in the process bring some degree of control and certainty to an often confusing and uncertain process.

In the fall of 2012 my youngest son and his teammates were entering their Minor Midget hockey season, their Ontario Hockey League draft year; the first mission-critical benchmark on their journey. It was here, at a convergence of need and opportunity, that Prospect 285 was born. A place where I would employ my skills, experiences, wisdom and passions. A place where I could assist young people in a new way: mentoring, branding, packaging and marketing elite, emerging athletes in pursuit of their dreams.

What started as a logical exercise to help my own son and a few close friends, a serendipitous undertaking, has evolved into a growing segment of my business; something that has become a valuable service to my clients and a fulfilling outlet for my passion.

I help my clients to define themselves, teaching them to consistently think and live as the authentic, powerful, personal brand they understand themselves to be, that we define them to be; working with them to package, communicate and market themselves; creating helpful degrees of separation between them and their peers; creating recognition for them and their brand amongst the gatekeepers; all in support of their natural athletic skills and in-game performance, all in support of their dreams.

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