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6: Passion

‘A Passionate Commitment to Your Dream’ has become my motto. My clients, the athletes I assist, are more than just clients, they become students, friends, lives in which I’m invested, keen to see them succeed. I believe and my client families affirm, as we evolve together through the branding process, that the work we do together, while initially focused on earning athletes their next level and ultimate athletic objectives, has a deeper and more far reaching implication.

The lessons and skills learned by my athletes, the process of creating and then living in a way that is consistent with their authentic personal brand; the communication, media and social media skills developed; all have life-long implications readily transferred to all next level undertakings and opportunities: athletic, academic, business, professional; making them more capable and more effective in all areas of their lives.

Like the parents, teachers and coaches of my athletes — for the same reason I love coaching — I’m thrilled by the idea of helping, through Prospect 285, to nurture, shape and support the next generation; giving to others just as others gave to me; helping just as I was helped; building a better community through a personal investment in the lives of those I am lucky enough to meet along the way.

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